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Calgary Rowing Club

 Winner of the 2020 Rowing Canada Aviron Club Outstanding Achievement Award

Junior Program (12 to 18 years)

Our Junior program trains rowers aged 12 to 18 years in a variety of rowing shells from singles, to doubles, quads and the big 8s. Some regattas will have more specific age divisions or novice events. Junior A events are U19 (in the calendar year), Junior B events are U17, and Junior C events are U15. The program has an open door policy, come when and as often as you can. The more you come, the faster you get! For current juniors participating in winter training the registration deadline is April 1st. For new or novice program participants the registration deadline is April 27th.


  • On-water rowing season: May 1st to October 31st (weather permitting).
  • Indoor season: November 1st to April 30th

Novice Program:

  • For athletes that have no prior rowing experience.
  • Program Goal: Learn to Train stage of athlete development and Fun!
  • Intake Period : May 4th to May 12th
    • Saturday May 4th 1pm to 3pm (Dry land Session) 
    • Sunday May 5th 1pm to 3pm (On-water Session)
    • Saturday May 11th 1pm to 3pm (On-water Session)
    • Sunday May 12th 1pm to 3pm (On-water Session)
  • After May 12th, the Junior Novice camp participants will need to decide whether they would like to continue with the Junior program. Information on joining the junior program will be communicated to those who participate in the Novice camp.
  • If you missed the intake period, please check out our Summer Camps (10-14 years) and HP camps (14-18 years). 
  • Email to start the program.
  • Athletes will learn:
    • Rowing on the indoor rower to practice body sequencing.
    • All safety language and skills/drills associated with rowing.
    • Flow pattern, PFD usage and safety rules of the CRC.
    • Handling equipment, carrying boats and oars safely.
    • Basic on-water rowing skills in a single (one-person boat), double (two-person boat), quad (four-person boat) or eight (nine-person boat).

Competitive Program - Black, Red and Grey Squads

For athletes that have completed the novice program or summer camps and have mastered skills to be able to effectively participate in workouts. Althletes are divided into either Black, Red or Grey squads based on age and athletic developement.

Grey Squad

  • Athletes are in learn to train and train to train stages of athletic development.
  • Athletes in this squad will work on applying technique into workouts and learning how to move the boat effectively through the water.
  • Athletes that completed the novice program may be placed in this group.
  • The focus regattas are Alberta Open and Island Summer Regatta.
  • Athletes can expect 3 practices a week to improve rowing skills and introduce athletes to competition.
Red Squad
  • Athletes are in the learn to compete stage of athletic development.
  • Athletes with a moderate to high degree of skill and able to row in all boat classes from single to 8+.
  • Focus of training is on improving rowing skills and finding speed on the water.
  • Athletes that completed the novice program may be placed in this group.
  • The focus regattas are Island Summer Regatta and Canadian Henley (for some).
  • Athletes can expect 6 practices per week during the summer and a competitive environment aimed at preparing athletes for competition.

Black Squad

  • Athletes are in the train to compete stage of athletic developement.
  • Athletes with a high degree of skill and able to row in all boat classes from single to 8+.
  • The focus regattas are Canadian Henley and National Rowing Championships (for some)
  • Athletes can expect 8 practices a week and a competitive environment aimed at preparing athletes for competition.

Indoor rowing season

  • November 1st to April 30th.
  • Intake for the indoor rowing season occurs during the first few weeks of January. Please contact for more info.
  • Athletes will participate in:
    • Rowing on the indoor rower to practice body sequencing.
    • Age-appropriate weight training.
    • Circuit training.

Graduating the Junior Program

Graduates of the Junior program (over 19 in the calendar year) can move on to university rowing program across the country, such as the local one at the University of Calgary Rowing or the CRC Senior Program.

Regattas and Competitions

Local regattas include Calgary and Edmonton. Regional regattas include Regina and Victoria, while the pinnacle of rowing competition takes place in St. Catherine's at the Canadian Henley Regatta. Athletes with the talent and determination to take it to the next level can go on to compete at the Canadian Junior National Team Trials. Check out our regatta calendar for dates!

All competitions and regattas are optional. All travel expenses and associated regatta fees are covered by the athlete (or parents). Information about the travel details and specifics of who should attend each event is provided by the Junior Program Coach.


Our membership year runs from May 1 - April 30 of the next year. Juniors are welcome to join during the on-water season (May to October) or the off-water season (November to April). We are currently updating our Novice and Competitive program structure so please contact our Club Manager at office@calgary should you have any questions about joining the Junior program.

For 2023 membership fees, please see HERE.

Required Equipment

The only equipment required of members is a belt pack PFD (lifejacket). The City of Calgary requires PFD's be worn on the Glenmore Reservoir. The requisite "Fanny-pack-style-CO2 cartridge" PFD's are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op or AutoMarine for ~ $140. Loaner PFD's are available from the club for Novice Program participants. It is the expectation that all athletes own his/her own pfd.


Please e-mail the CRC Club Manager:
Weekly updates will be sent to the Junior Parent/Guardian email list. Self enroll here:  CRC Junior Parents/Guardians Contact List 

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