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Calgary Rowing Club

 Winner of the 2020 Rowing Canada Aviron Club Outstanding Achievement Award

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We all know that words have power - hence we are posting this message to our community. However, actions have more power and we continue to be committed to equity at our club through our day to day actions and club policies. No matter race, gender, religion, sexual preference, physical ability or otherwise - everyone is welcome at the CRC. While some of us may never understand the challenges others face within our club and our community, we stand with you.

You are always welcome in our CRC rowing community and we will always be #oneteam.Thank you for continuing to be kind, inclusive and respectful to one another, today and every day.

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Safety is ALWAYS our number 1 priority. 

Our strict safety protocols keep our athletes, coaches and staff safe. Please review the guidelines below. 

Off-water Programs

We are an active community that rows. 

If on-water rowing is not what you are looking for, try our Off-water programs:

indoor rowing

strength training

circuit training

Email us to find out how to join!

On-Water Programs

We offer a range of on-water programs for athletes aged 10-80+ years. Check them out below and find your team!

Junior (12 - 18 years)

Senior (18 - 30+ years)


Club (adult)

Club Tech

Club Comp

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Call or email us:

(403) 249 2880

PO 36117 6449 Crowchild Trail SW, Alberta, T3E7C6

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